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A loan or notary signing agent is a commissioned notary with the authority to assist borrowers with loan documentation. Like how signature guarantors are generally required to sign financial documents. Loan signing agents are usually employed by real estate and mortgage businesses.

In addition to notarizing documents and overseeing transactions, we have additional responsibilities that are important to the loan and mortgage processes. Signing representatives ensure that all parties sign the loan documents accurately and truthfully.

Making sure that the paperwork is promptly returned for processing after it has been signed and notarized is another of our most important responsibilities. Paperwork submitted after the due date runs the risk of losing bank funding. Promptness is, therefore, always a priority.

Although not all notaries are loan signing agents (LSA), all signing agents are notaries. Additional training and certification are needed to become an LSA. Considering the scope of a notary’s duties, they stamp several documents. On the other hand, LSAs are skilled at processing loan paperwork. The mortgage and financial services sectors frequently include more intricate and delicate transactions, and an LSA’s experience is advantageous.

We go through annual background checks because we have access to borrowers’ personal financial information. This helps protect client information and helps stop mortgage fraud. We also help process loan document packages. This entails printing the loan documents accurately, returning signed documents by mail, and following any other directions sent by the lender or title company. We offer loan signing services as well, and we have certificates to prove our competence and show that we are dedicated enough to help with your loan signing needs. Contact us today.

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