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You can enter contracts more easily if you hire a mobile notary. To protect your company from any legal repercussions, notaries public are responsible for making sure that the signatures on legal papers are valid. We should be present when documents are signed to confirm that the person signing is the same as the person whose name is on the contract.

The Notary Nextdoor will save you valuable time and money with our mobile notary. We will be present whether you ask them to visit your home, office, or medical facility. Our mobile notaries will now come to you, so you won’t need to leave your job to visit our office.

We also offer our services to companies without a notary on staff and individuals who need to sign legal documents like divorce papers or get permission to make changes to investment accounts.

Fraudulent conduct can be easily avoided if a mobile notary is present when documents are signed. Your notary will ensure that the documents being signed are original copies, in addition to asking for identification at the time of signing. Additionally, your notary will ensure that the documents are not being signed against one’s will or under coercion. Because an unbiased third party is managing the transaction, both parties can feel confident in it. Call us today for your mobile notary services.

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Do not sign the document without the help of an experienced notary service. Call us anytime to save you the time and frustration of getting a mobile notary service in California.

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