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Why You Need Notary Services for Trust Signing

Obtaining a Certificate of Trust gives you access to a condensed version of the Trust. In essence, the Trust certification will summarize all the crucial details regarding a Trust. Either hire an attorney to draft the necessary documents or, even better, employ a legal or online estate planning service. We include a Certificate of Trust with your trust-based estate plan so you can have complete confidence in your legal documents.

A living Trust must be signed in front of a notary public. Remember that for a Trust to be valid, both you and your partner or spouse must sign the Trust Certification. After it has been signed and notarized, you must record it with your neighborhood county office. We are always available to provide Trust signing services whenever you desire, and we also help you with other services that come with it.

You should update your Certificate of Trust occasionally. It can be required if a Trustee passes away or if many things have changed since your Trust was last updated. If the Trust purchases or sells real estate, you may need to update your Trust Certificate. Call us if you need to do this, and we will be available to help.

Owning a Trust might be a very wise decision, especially if your objective is to protect your possessions, your loved ones, and your legacy, but don’t let all of the efforts you put into drafting a sound estate plan go to waste because you neglected to take the simple steps that benefit all parties, such as drafting a certificate of trust. Call us today.

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